It is the processes by which levigation of China Clay is undertaken:
The unit has adopted Wet process which is conventional, tested and tried and does not involve much mechanization. This process is in vogue in Kutch and does not involve much capital investment and is very well mastered by local labour. We have a very experienced and skilled staff of 2 supervisors and 6 workers besides and contract labour.
Once an area is approved for active mining, the overburden is then removed in layers. This overburden is stockpiled in close proximity to the mine in order to be used in the reclamation process. When the first Clay strata is exposed, drill holes are resurveyed and elevations are confirmed in order to control the extraction of each individual grade of Clay. The Clay grades are determined based on the properties indicated in the testing analysis previously performed. All Clay grades are indicated on the mining plan in three-dimensional terms. Extraction is then strictly controlled using backhoes to remove the levels of Clay in ½ meter to 1 meter depths