Mr Ishwar M. Gorani, the proprietor, has studied upto Pre-Science. During the course of last 20 years, he has learnt all aspects of business. He is the first generation entrepreneur and due to his hands on involvement right from conception, implementation and operations of the unit, has learnt the hard way. Realizing the importance of creating and grooming “the secondline”, he has involved his son Mr. Bharat I. Gorani in all aspects of business but more specifically in factory.
We have been dealing into the mining and processing of China Clay (Kaolin). We possess the mines of China Clay in Kutch district. We possess one of the finest infrastructure and boast of our hi-tech instrumentation. Due to its favourable location in the heart of good quality China Clay or Kaolin mines with the ample and rich deposits. The processing plant of the unit is located at ablout 15 kms from Bhuj in Lakhond. Total plot area is estimated to be 18000 sq mt. In terms of processing equipments, the unit has 2 blungers, 2 filter presses and electric motors and pumps. With this set of equipments, our production capacity amounts to 4500 tons per year