We are the processors of Levigated China Clay lumps and powder of Grade A, B and C which is used in Sanitaryware and Ultramarine.
China clay occurs in the deposits in the form of china clay rock, a mixture of up to 15 per cent china clay and up to 10 per cent mica, and the remainder being quartz. The clay itself varies considerably from pit to pit. In some deposits, such as those at Blackpool, Littlejohns and Goonbarrow, the clay is ideally suited for the filling and coating of paper, while in other deposits, such as Treviscoe and Wheal Remfry, the clay is best suited for the making of ceramics.
Key to Identification
Pearly to dull earthy
Hardness 2 to 2.5 pH
Colour White, Tinted Yellowish, Brownish, Reddish
Specific Gravity 2.6